A trade fair stand has to fight for attention in its environment. A good designer incorporates ‘stopping power’ into his design. Just like newspaper advertisements and commercials on TV, the stand is surrounded by competitors. So there is a terrific scramble for attention. WITDESIGN stands are characterised by their tremendous stopping power. With limited means, through which a clear and concentrated image remains, the designers are able to achieve striking attention-grabbing stand designs. As once said by a WITDESIGN customer, ‘chest forward, shoulders back’ stands. What is meant here is that the stand staff emanates a natural self-confidence because the stand dovetails seamlessly into the company philosophy and culture. You could also call that ‘authentic stopping power’.

To achieve true stopping power, it is essential to understand what people stop to look at. You can achieve stopping power through an element of surprise. Unexpected images, exceptional spaces, vibrant ambiance, clever use of colour and /or exceptional lighting can all contribute to achieving stopping power.

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