Hans de Wit, who started out as an independent interior designer in 1982, likes to call himself a spatial psychologist. In the showroom, it is really important that exactly the right atmosphere is created to provide the visitors with the opportunity of really ‘meeting’ the product properly.

A truly authentic and direct confrontation in the right surroundings will touch the visitors’ hearts. After all, they have chosen to visit the showroom. They have already warmed to the presented product. Whether that is furniture, garments, cars, bicycles or other products, this is the moment that they can become true ‘believers’.

Branding at its best. A company that is able to give form to its identity in its showroom will benefit most from its showroom. Visitors will immediately experience the authenticity, visible and perhaps even made tangible in the showroom. Spatial psychology is, in Hans de Wit’s opinion, being able to establish exactly what the right ambiance for a showroom should be.

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