Showroom design and stand design should be seen as part of the marketing mix. The right combination and deployment of multiple marketing strategies that complement each other will lead to the success for companies and organisations of their total plan. The stand or showroom takes on the role of ‘live communicator’ in the marketing mix. All illustrations, advertising and other printed or audiovisual communication motivates prospects in one way or another to familiarise themselves with a product or service. And this takes place in the trade fair stand, the showroom or other (temporary) reception area. WITDESIGN calls this ‘spatial marketing’.

Other forms of marketing that are deployed in combination with stands are perception marketing, special offer marketing, interactive marketing, hospitality marketing, database marketing, online marketing and experience marketing.

WITDESIGN enjoys working with marketing communication specialists, both with in-company and external advisors.  We like to call the WITDESIGN input ‘spatial marketing’. Please feel free to contact us for an non-obligatory initial meeting.

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