Live communication is the new word for stand building. It is based on one of the most characteristic aspects of stand building when compared to other means of communication. Only trade fair stands enjoy such a direct interaction between promoter and prospect. So two-way traffic, questions and immediate answers: ultimate live communication. Almost all means of communication are based on one-way traffic. It is always a waiting game to see how the message is received. Consequently, lots of live communication specialists believe in a flourishing future for trade fairs, providing the link with contemporary digital possibilities are utilized.

Live communication cannot be left to fend for itself. It is the combination of live communication with other forms of communication such as audio visual support, graphic design, campaigns and give-aways that arouse the interest of the visitors in the message being communicated.

Live communication is possible in various types of locations and at events such as home exhibitions, showrooms, events and in an information centre. But even in shopping malls, shops and speciality stores, live communication can take place.

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