It is fair to expect that you will always get a good design from a good design agency. Design is not an end in itself, but a medium for achieving your objectives. A well designed stand, a designer stand, is always the result of good basic ideas, a design proposal, a ‘story’ and / or a vision. That beauty and attractiveness or spectacular manifestations are intrinsic to the functioning of your designer stand speaks for itself.

But beauty on its own does not make the designer stand a success. The right balance of an attractive design and design appropriate for the objectives is what WITDESIGN’s designers believe makes a stand a true designer stand.  The flawless cooperation of all the aspects important for the trade fair, also known as ‘live communication’, contributes to the success of the designer stand. In the case of a perfect designer stand, every form of communication applied and combination thereof has been well considered and every component supports the objectives of the stand design. The perfect harmony between all aspects makes the designer stand.  Only then can it be considered a potentially successful trade fair participation.

If the designer stand also appeals to the visitor group, the cooperation can be considered a success. Please contact WITDESIGN to achieve your objectives with a designer stand.

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