The WITDESIGN designers call themselves ‘architects for brand performance’. They opted for this slogan, because it indicates that branding is one of the most important aspects with which WITDESIGN distinguishes itself.  The stand designers do not design a showroom, retail store or stand but, instead, a unique branding performance, an authentic, customised presentation that fits the label concerned like a glove.

Lots of means can be combined in branding. In addition to spatial design, this can be graphic design, originating and implementing interactive solutions, the proposal of appropriate give-aways and/or an invitation process suitable for the stand or retail idea. And of course in line with the characteristics previously formulated for the branding. It should not be forgotten that the right ambiance forms an important cornerstone in the success of branding.

Branding has become second nature to the WITDESIGN designers. We would be pleased to welcome you to our agency to translate your label’s characteristics into spatial branding. You can contact us quickly through this link.

WITDESIGN, architects for brand performance

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